Tiger Martial Arts Coaches


Zaviera is a qualified primary school teacher and a Black Belt in Taekwon-do. She has been training at Synergy since 2013 as a regular member of our weekly ChickFIT and CombatCHICK classes. Shortly after she started training here, she enrolled her 3 children in our Tigers Martial Arts program. After seeing how much they enjoyed it and feeling like she was missing out on all the fun, she started as an assistant Tigers coach. Zaviera is now our Head Tigers Coach – a role she feels is perfect for her as it combines many of the things she loves most – teaching children, martial arts and Synergy.

Zaviera started learning Taekwon-do as a teenager and trained for many years. While training at Synergy she has further developed her martial arts experience by learning more extensive self-defence and mixed martial arts techniques. She believes that it is essential for everyone to learn how to defend themselves and for this reason loves being a part of the Synergy team of Coaches who help run the fantastic Eyes Wide Open courses in schools and here at our gym.

But her favourite classes are, without a doubt, the Tiny Tigers and Tigers classes. She loves working with this amazing and inspiring group of children – seeing how much fun they have while learning some very useful and effective martial arts and self-defence skills, witnessing the look of joy and sense of pride they get when they challenge themselves and try their best as well as watching their self-confidence and self-esteem grow as they progress through the ranks of the classes.

Zaviera is one in a million, with a very unique skill set. Synergy is very lucky to have her as their head coach. She is an integral part of the Tiger marital arts program & has helped make it what it is today.

“By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others” Satsuki Shibuya

Black Tiger Coaches

Head Coach – Bronnie, Assistant Coaches – Tony, Luke & Bowler