Craig “Boss”

As Founder and Head Coach of Synergy, Craig wears many hats. The concept of the ‘Synergy Way’ is an evolution of years of training in the Martial Arts and Fitness world.

Craig’s philosophy aligns very closely to that of Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee when he says;

‘Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water.’  Bruce Lee

 Craig has always strived to create the best Martial Artist out of each student he teaches, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has given him that freedom.

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” Bruce Lee


The majority of Craig’s Martial Arts career was spent training in Taekwondo, but when MMA arrived, the concept of exploring the Martial Arts world was just to hard to resist.

“Being able to spend my time on the mats and watch people of all ages, shapes and sizes, give themselves over to the amazing world of Martial Arts, both physically, mentally and spiritually is the greatest gift and it makes me want to strive constantly make a better version of myself”

The fitness side of Craig has always gone hand in hand with Martial Arts. Craig was, and is always looking for new and improved and sometimes left of centre styles of fitness training to help with his Martial Arts progression.  This process has now developed and been incorporated into Synergy’s StrengthFIT program.

“I fell in love with the MMA Conditioning training.  It was very raw, but, the results… speed, power and strength – and as a result of that, you get fit! – Hence the creation of StrengthFIT.

Being able to adapt it to work for anyone that walks in our door, is what makes us Synergy.  The community that has been created, just from the people that walk through our doors, has done so naturally.  How can it not?  Not when we are teaching kids starting from age 3, mothers managing kids, tradies, public servants, retirees, the list goes on.

‘The Feeling’ that gets created from our Synergy Community can not be bought or recreated, something I’m proud to share with my family.”

Craig’ Journey so far

  • 15 years Martial Arts Training
  • 3rd Degree Taekwondo Black belt
  • Head Coach – Synergy MMA
  • Creator and trainer of StrengthFIT
  • Member of Pro Mai MMA Coaching Academy
  • Creator and of ‘ Eye’s Wide Open’ Self Defence Seminars.
  • Certified in Geoff Thompson’s Self Defence Master Class.
  • Trained and completed Geoff Thompson’s 100,000 – technique challenge.