Runs in 10 week series in line with the ACT School Terms
Beginners most welcome
Cost – $350 (includes your CombatCHICK shirt)
What – 10 x 1 hour sessions
Classes – Days & times vary but class sizes are small 4 – 6 students (daytime classes available)

CombatCHICKS was designed by Synergy’s Head Coach Craig Bath. His passion for Self Defence pushed him to create a program for women who may never have considered doing a Martial Art. Teaching them the skills that are relevant in both stand up and on the ground. Teaching them how to effectively defend themselves against a possible attacker. Giving them the confidence to be able to react if it was ever needed. The program is based around common attacks and how to defend them, learning punching & kicking skills, with some extra stuff thrown in just cause it’s cool & fun to teach

Beginners are most welcome, it’s our job to teach you how to do this stuff. We have a range of classes that can suit anyone, all we need is the right attitude to learn.
So if you want to step outside your comfort zone & try something different. Call us today and lets get it done!!

Craig & Bronnie
0402 221 015

Craig & Bronnie