ChickFIT is a women's only class – offering a fun friendly, supportive environment to train and change your body shape!

We offer ChickFIT 3 times per week Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Friday ChickFIT is a boxing class, it is no ‘boxfit’ class as it's run by Synergy’s head MMA Coach Craig "The Boss". You will be taught to strike effectively with both your hands and your legs. At the end of most Friday sessions we run though some self defence techniques for 5-10 min We offer free child minding so that having little ones isn’t the excuse for you to not do something for yourself.

Come get the Synergy “Feeling” See what all the fuss is about!

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I joined ChickFIT when I was 20 weeks pregnant, the trainers were all fantastic keeping an extra eye on me and modifying exercises to suit each stage of my pregnancy. I trained right though to 38 weeks! When I resumed training after the birth I was once again looked after, I highly recommend ChickFIT to anyone at any stage of the pre or postnatal period. ChickFIT helped me stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy & now is helping me get my pre-baby body back Bonnie