Bronnie “Mrs Boss”

Apart from being the co-owner of Synergy Self defence; she is also a wife, a mother, a tiger martial arts instructor, a 2nd Dan Black Belt and a StrengthFIT trainer (just to name a few!).

She has been training in the Martial arts world for over 15 years and has recently become a member of the Pro MAI Mixed Martial Arts Coaching Academy, and is training hard everyday to better herself as a martial artist and as a coach.

She LOVES Synergy and all the people who train there; it is her second home.  She finds joy in the Tiny Tigers and Tigers as there is nothing like the honesty of a 4 yr old, to not only ground you, but give you so much joy 🙂

Having trained through all 3 pregnancy’s, she understands how it all works, and loves helping Mums get back their pre baby bodies,  or even just to help them learn to enjoy exercise again, or even for the first time.

She is passionate about Self Defence, and most importantly, getting it out into the community, raising general awareness to the risks that are out there.

Presenting the Eyes Wide Open Seminars with Craig is one of her favorite things to do at Synergy.

She understands how tough it can be sometimes to fit it all in with work, family and all the other commitments that come with it.  But she loves helping you give back a bit to yourself and reach your fitness or Martial arts goals and she understands how important it is too look after you. 

Bronnie’s goal for herself and for the people she teaches is…‘Live, Love Laugh’. Something that’s beams out of her, every time she walks in the Synergy training Centre, an attitude that is addictive and inspiring.

 “Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us. Go set the world on fire.” –     

    Sir Thomas Brown